Friday, December 18, 2015

Wow! Tumblr Explosion!

So I am also posting this new iteration on tumblr and its gone viral! And I have learned some new things.

1. Tumblr is troll Central. So many self righteous people parading thier beliefs and shaming anyone who doesn't agree. I get trying to educate, that's what this blog is about, but telling people their evil and screaming abuse without education is, well, the worst. It's a Witch Hunt on there. Good thing I could care less. I have seen true abuse, I have had to scrape the brains of a beloved pet off the floor then testify against the assailant, only to see them get off easy because its just a lamb and they were high. Trolls don't scare me. True evil does.

2. I would have cared more when k was younger, but now, like the honey badger I'm not giving a.... Well you know

At any rate at least attention will be on little Tuttle and his growth! He says good morning all.

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