Thursday, December 17, 2015

Goldfish 2.0- Tuttle

Wow, time flies when your... I dunno, lost in the universe. I'm back in California, have been for years. Today I decided to reboot the experiment! for $0.17 I purchased one small comet goldfish. In the following weeks I will post about how fast a regular goldfish can grow and why 10 gallons should be the bare minimum amount of space for one. I have to admit at about 1 inch (including all of the tail) This 10 gallon tank does seem like over kill.

So as we all know, and from my past entrees, baby goldies have a rough life and don't always make it past the first few weeks at home, so if this little one doesn't make it, I will be replacing it. sad but true. The tank kit I am using came from a PetSmart that was closing and I was able to pick it up for $15!!

The spects for now:

One TetraPro 10 Gallon Tank
One TetraPro 10 gallon ank florescent light hood
One TetraI intank filter (till I find my Aquaclear20)
OmegaOne Brand goldfish flakes
One Comet Goldfish

 What makes a goldfish a Comet or a Common? Comets have long flowing single tails and commons have short stiff tails. These are the little guys you find in the feeder tanks at pet shops, which is where this guy came from.

I have named him Tuttle, after the comet (get it? a famous comet? your not laughing i don't think you got it) I set the tank up a few days ago, which was a kit I found on clearence for $15. Today I purchased Tuttle and the OmegaOne so it would be fresh. Tuttle came from the feeder fish bin at PetCo and cost 17 cents. He appears healthy and active

Lets see how long I remember to do this!

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